The Coureur de bois
"Runner Of The Woods"
The Coureur de bois "Runner Of The Woods"

He had three knives.  One was a small knife, either on his pouch strap or hanging from his neck, used for everyday chores.  He wore another'n in his belt.  It had at least a 6" long blade and served as his general purpose using knife.  But as anyone who has spent time in the woods a long way from civilization knows, a man can't have too many knives.  So, he carried a third knife, not so obvious to the average eye. It was carried sometimes in a crossdraw fashion opposite his strong side... or low on his leg,through the garter just below his knee. Or it may have rested in a sheath that fit inside his boot when he wore them.

The blade was kept razor sharp and he could draw it in a quick fluid motion.  The handle was smooth in his hand, coming out of the sheath in a flash, a light-weight but solid blade as deadly as any he carried.  The French Coureur de bois of long ago were well armed fellows, and they never left anything to chance!

In that spirit we offer our Coureur de bois knife.  It is a solidly made 9" long knife made of 1095 high-carbon steel. It has a 5" blade and is 1/8" thick along the spine.  The haft can be had in your choice of various woods or lightly stained bone both of which are held in place with three small steel pins.  The blades are aged a light grey color but upon examination the hardening lines can be easily discerned.  While the whole knife has the appearance of being used centuries ago, the edge bevel is left "in the white" to catch the light and show anyone who is close enough to see that it is, indeed, razor sharp!

The sheath for the Coureue be bois can be worn several different ways. The flap/frog on the front of the sheath slips over a belt, sash or garter, also outside a boot to hold the knife from slipping through. The sheath also has a longer than average 4.5" belt strap on the back side which allows the knife to to carried vertical in a high or low fashion on the strong side OR slanted on the opposite side in a crossdraw carry.  

The premium elk-handled knife is priced at $160.00
The bone-handled knife is priced at $145.00.

Either of these blades is an ideal choice for a back-up knife however you decide to carry it.

You'll be smart to emulate our woods wandering brethren of old...

 Never leave anything to chance!