Shrew: Model-T

The Model-T is the newest in our line of Shrew bows. It was inspired by  bows of the sixty's, having a longer heavier riser than we have on our shorter Shrew models. The M-T like our other Shrew bows, incorporates the forward handle design which we believe is  important in making a bow less prone to torquing. Our famous Shrew grip with it's ergonomic design which makes it all but impossible to deviate from a consistent grip is also an important part of the M-T's design. At this time the Model-T is available  in a 64" length only. Other lengths may be offered later. 

The Standard model  base price  is $725.00.
This includes Bamboo limbs.
Options available at additional cost are the Bolt Take Down, also Foam/Carbon core and exotic limb veneers.
Stag tips are also available.