Autumn Legend

With the Carbon arrow growing ever more popular along with other new designs and materials being accepted into traditional archery today, I sometimes wonder if we may be moving out of the realm of what is considered "traditional". I personally have shot carbon arrows for several years and carbon does make a great arrow. Very durable and seem to achieve good penetration on game, this a step towards more drastic changes down the road?...I wonder at times. 

Back in the 60's I shot fiberglass and aluminum arrows out of my recurves as did everyone else. Archery equipment continued to change toward what we thought was the better until around 1970 when the compound bow changed the face of archery forever. The compound held most of the archery world in it's grasp (not me) for nearly a decade until traditional archery started it's comeback around 1980. 

The problem is that human nature won't let things stand still, we are always trying to make improvements. Traditional Archery won't take much improving before it's no longer traditional archery. We need to draw the line somewhere, a little progress is ok but we should hang onto some of the values that brought us into traditional archery in the first place.  I think one of those values, for me at least is arrows of wood.

I am going to start shooting cedar arrows again, not that I'm going to get rid of all my carbons, but they're sure going to get some dust on them for awhile. 

Paul Jalon of Elite Arrows has been making wood arrows since 1952 and in my opinion what he doesn't know about wood arrows isn't worth knowing. I have commissioned Paul to make arrows for me to offer to my customers. The arrows will be of tapered Port Orford Cedar with a special feather copied from one of Howard Hill's personal arrows that was designed for him by Ben Pearson. The feather is 5 7/8" long, somewhat like a shield cut but with it's own distinctive design. 

Paul uses the best materials available in the making of his arrows. They will be spined + or minus 3# and + or - 10 grains in weight. Each shaft is hook straightened to insure you will be getting the very best wood arrow available. 

We hope to keep a good supply in stock so when you order a dozen arrows we can ship them to you right away. To be able to do this we will only be offering these arrows in a couple of choices. At this time we are offering the "Autumn Legend" which will have a color scheme of orange and yellow with the Hill cut feather. All shafting has 6 coats of clear marine varnish over the stain for maximum weather resistance.

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Autumn Legend by Ron LaClair

When summer's gone and leaves turn gold

from frosty mornings to colors bold

Our hearts are pulled to the woods again

where hunting time must soon began

With bow in hand and arrows true

the goal is clear what we must do

Release the hunting spirit bold

then Autumns Legend can unfold


Keep the tradition,

Ron LaClair