Last Defense

The Defender, LaClair Bowie

 (This is a fictional senario, but it could happen...Be Prepared )

It was late October, in Iron County in Michigans western upper peninsula. The sun

had set long ago and I didn't get out of my treestand until it was pretty dark. I started

my long trek back to the truck, my longbow carried at my side as I walked, the bow

quiver that was attached to the bow held four razor sharp broadheads and a hex blunt.


The hunt this afternoon had been pretty uneventful, except for a doe with twin fawns,

a grouse and a porcupine.  The four hour set had been relaxing but unproductive.

It was a very dark night. As my dad use to say, "as black as the inside of Toby's hat"

My small "Nebo" flashlight powered by 1 AA battery was attached to the brim

of my cap by the clip on the light. The small beam of light was enough to see the trail

in front of me but it was ink black to my sides.


As I walked I was wishing it wasn't so far back to the truck. I  had help from a couple

of the younger guys in camp when we packed in my ladder stand, and I knew if I was

lucky enough to take a deer back in there I'd have to have help again getting it out.


The trail I was walking out on had become pretty packed down from the many trips in

and out to the stand. Over time most of the sticks and twigs had been cleared off the

path so my footsteps hardly made a sound as I moved over the ground.


Suddenly I heard something behind me...a rustle...something, that raised my hackles.

I unzipped my heavy CarrHart vest so that the bowie knife that was riding in it's sheath

under my arm was more accessible. Then before I could turn  SOMETHING hit me on my

back...HARD!.... I pitched forward, my bow went flying somewhere off to the side,

my cap with the light attached also went flying. My body twisted in mid air so as I hit the

ground I rolled a half turn. The "Thing" on my back was off for a split second but right back

on me in a flash. That split second gave me time to be on my back and bring up my right

arm to shield my neck and face. As the creature lunged for my throat, his jaws clamped

down on the heavy leather armguard on my forearm. I could smell his foul breath and I could

feel the pressure as his legs and claws raked at my heavy CarrHart outerwear.


What seemed like minutes was really only seconds. Somehow my free left arm was able to

reach the butt of my knife under my right arm. The big blade cleared it's sheath and came up

in an arch to bury it's nearly 10 inch steel blade all the way to the brass guard. The animal

screamed and reacted by letting go of my arm and in an instant it was off of me and scrambling

away through the brush.


I kind of rolled on my side and sit up. I reached for my cap which was close by with the little light

still burning brightly. I turned the light on the knife still clenched tightly in my left hand. The blade

was covered with blood it's full length. Some tawny brown hairs clung to the blood and gore. Hairs

that would latter tell that my attacker was a cougar.


My CarrHart clothing was torn in several places by the big cats claws, but somehow, other than

some minor cuts I had avoided any serious injury. What would the outcome have been if it were

not for my trusty blade? I dread to think of how it could have turned out. The Jungle Book story

of Mowgli who turned his knife that he called his "Tooth" against the tiger Shere Khan comes to mind.

My tooth was a LaClair Bowie...the "Defender"  


The Defender Bowie is $330.00 with walnut handle
                                  $360.00 with stag handle
Sheath and shoulder harness is available the same price as with the other LaClair Bowie.