The Bowie knife  was named after James Bowie. The knife became famous after the "Sand Bar Duel" around 1827 where Jim Bowie was alleged to have killed two men and wounded another in a brawl that erupted during a duel between two other men. Bowie later designed the popular Clip point blade and commissioned blacksmith James Black to make the knife for him. The "Bowie Knife" became a household name and was popular through most of the latter part of the 1800's 

The Bowie knife was carried by soldiers, hunters and woodsman for many years as an important part of their weaponry. Many versions of the Bowie style knife were made, and almost all had the big clip point blade. Most had a double finger guard, but some had a single guard while others had no guard at all.  

The "LaClair Bowie" is 15" overall, a hefty handful with a blade length of about 10". Blade width is close to 2", and the forged blade is made of 5160 carbon-alloy steel. Our knife has a single guard to keep your hand from slipping down on the cutting edge while allowing the thumb or index finger to ride up on the back spine of the blade. As with many originals the clip point of our knife has a false edge. 

Whether you like a big knife or not this is an impressive tool with many uses in the field. 

Price with Stag handle ------- $300.00

Price with walnut handle -----$275.00

Plus shipping --------------------$15.00 in US  

 LaClair Bowie Sheath....$45.00
Shoulder carry Harness...$20.00

LaClair Bowie

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LaClair BowieLaClair Bowie