The Buffalo Knife
                                              by  C.L. Matteo

This is a knife!
For those that like a BIG knife, this is about as big  as you'd want to carry . It is 15" overall with a 10" blade of 5160 carbon alloy steel. The blade is 1/4" thick at the spine and 2 1/4" at the widest part. This is a heavy knife that is good for chopping and hacking chores.... building blinds and clearing brush. It can also serve as a camp knife or survival knife.
The neat thing about this knife is that it is a recreation of an old knife that we found in the book, "The Knife in Homespun America" by Madison Grant.  The  the curving blade has the suggestion of clipped point which came into later use as a characteristic of the popular bowie style. Brass linings are between the tapered tang and the grips which are mounted with brass escutcheons  for the three rivets. The hand fitting handle terminates in a rudimentary bird head just like the original. Choice of handle grips are buffalo horn or walnut.

The original knife was used by Buffalo hunters during the late 1800's and early 1900's and came to be known as the Buffalo Skinner. At first glance it just looks like a BIG knife, which it is, but up close and personal it is truly SCARY. It's a knife you'll want to reach for when you only want to reach once. I assure you, whatever it is you want to divide in half, it will be permanently divided  on the first try.

Buffalo Knife and Sheath

The Buffalo Knife sheath
Any good knife needs a good sheath and in the case of the Buffalo Knife, because of it's heft, the sheath needs to be a very substantial one. Art Vincent of  Cedar Ridge Leather Works is the best leather man that I know. The sheath that he is making for our knife is almost bullet proof. The outer shell of the sheath is deerskin rawhide and is lined with vegetable tan leather. Treated and stained  it is laced with bees waxed lace along the top and edge. it's a rugged sheath with an old timey look and compliments our knife very well.

The back of the sheath has two wide heavy belt loops. The top loop is for a waist belt when you want to carry the knife on your side. If you choose to carry the knife using the underarm carry with the shoulder strap harness, the harness goes through the top loop and the waist belt can go through the bottom loop for a very secure carry. With the underarm shoulder harness carry, the knife will ride high under the arm where it will be out of the way but will allow you to sit in a chair, ride a horse or do anything you want without the knife hindering your movement. The knife is still very accessible in this high riding position.  The underarm shoulder carry is not a new thing, many large knives were carried in this manner in the mid 19 century. An example of a sheath with a carrying strap is on our website.

Buffalo Knife ...Walnut handle...............$225.00
Buffalo Knife...Buffalo horn handle.....$245.00
Leather lined rawhide Sheath............$49.95
Shoulder carry harness.......................$14.95

Ron Buffalo Knife Shoulder Rig

Original Knife
Original Buffalo Knife

Beaded Sheath
"Original 19th century Beaded sheath with shoulder strap"