The "Lil' Shaver"

Personally, I've found this little knife to be one of the handiest knives I've ever carried. Maybe it's because I carry it in a neck sheath. With the neck sheath, it's right there when I need it for the many cutting jobs I do throughout the day, and so far I haven't found a cutting job that this knife can't handle. I recently cleaned a dozen pan fish which included scaleing, cutting off heads and removing the fins.

The 3" blade is Forged from W-1, a high carbon tool steel. This steel when properly tempered will take and hold an edge that will shave the hump hair off a sleeping Grizzly bear....without waking him up. The blade style is great for almost any cutting job, and the small birds head on the butt of the handle keeps the knife from slipping from your grasp. The Stag horn grip is my favorite knife handle...

This little honey would make the perfect companion piece to go with your "LaClair Skinner" I'll be carrying both of these knives this fall so I'll be ready to dress and skin anything from a mouse to a moose.

Ron LaClair

Lil' Shaver with Neck sheath..........$110.00


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LaClair Skinner (left) and Lil' Shaver