This knife was inspired by 18th century French and English style knives that were carried by woodsman of that era. When you hold it in your hand is has a "feel" that is hard to describe. The closest I can come to a description  is that it has a balance that seems to make it a part of you and it feels like it wants to be USED.   It has a certain something that hearkens to an earlier time...a time when woodsmen depended on their knives for their very existence.

The Longhunter knife has an 8" blade forged from hi-carbon 1095 steel. The spine of the blade is 3/16, flat ground to a feathers edge. The blade has a grey aged patina while looking more natural also helps keep the carbon steel from rusting. The birds head handle is lightly stained bone. Overall length is 12.5". 

We think the Longhunter knife will fill a niche for knife lovers who can appreciate a knife with an 18th century mystique . It's a knife that has an historic style and functionality,  a knife that will help you make that connection we all seek with hunters from the past.


Ron LaClair - Modern Day Mountain Man

The Longhunter

 Price is $185.00 for the knife and sheath
plus $10.00 shipping.