The Mountain Knife







Picture yourself somewhere in the wilderness with every thing you need for survival on your person or in a backpack. Besides your weapon, food and water you'll have a knife for various chores.

Unless you are carrying multipal knives the size and style of the single knife you are carrying is very important. You'll want a knife that is big enough to build a shelter or butcher an elk, yet small enough clean a trout or dress a rabbit for your dinner.

You won't be needing a knife big enough to cut down a tree or spilt the skull of a Grizzly. A knife like that is great to own but it's not practial for the normal woods chores.

Our goal here is to make a knife that can do every job it's called on to do. Thats not an easy task but I think this knife is one that will shine in every situation.

"The Mountain Knife" is 11" overall with a hand forged 6" blade of high carbon steel that is almost 1 1/2" wide and just about 1/8th" thick. Each handle will be stag and comes with a Mountainman style sheath. These sheaths carry a knife so you'll hardly know you've got it, yet it will be there when you need it. Most importantly, it will be very capible of the job it's called on to do.

Ron LaClair

The Mountain Knife with Plain Sheath............$185.00

The Mountain Knife with Riveted Sheath........$200.00

The Mountain Knife with Both Sheaths...........$230.00

Shipping for each knife & sheath combo...........$10.00

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