The Eagles Flight
Two blade broadhead shooters are going to love this quiver. No more foam inserts to be chewed up by your broadheads, no more bulky hood to block the view of your target.
The width of the hood allows even the largest fletching to be well spaced.
The Flat hood quiver by Eagles Flight is the cat's meow. It will carry four of any two blade broadhead on the market, including the big Simons Tree Shark, 
with room to spare. It will also carry a judo or blunt in a piggy back in a single gripper attached to the Totem.

If you don't like a quiver on your bow then maybe this is the one that will change your mind...

This Fall give yourself an "Edge" might "Flat" out make a difference.

* Hoods are in black or brown with Shrew Logo stamped on it.

"Quiver fits either left or right handed bows."

* Totem and Wing attachment

PRICE:...$105.00 plus $8.00 shipping
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