When the sky is gray before the dawn
what lies in wait for the gobblers song 
When the call comes back and the birds respond
what quivers slightly like a magic wand
At the moment of truth when the shaft does sing
what ends the hunt.....
Shadow Wing

All shafting has 6 coats of clear marine varnish over the stain for maximum weather resistance.

We all like to watch the path of a brightly fletched arrow arch through the air towards it's intended target. However there are times when we need and may prefer a more stealthy missle. An arrow with mute colors that will blend into the surroundings so perfectly that our intended prey is totally unaware that it is poised on our bowstring waiting to be launched in their direction. It's journey as silent as a bird of prey with no more notice than a shadow passing over the land.

For such a time our "Shadow Wing" series is the arrow to choose. With it's gray barr shield cut fletching, gray, black and burgundy shaft colors, this cedar arrow is tapered from 11/32 to 5/16. Hand spined, weighed and straightened to as near a perfect arrow as is humanly possible, by Master Arrow maker Paul Jalon.

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