"Shrew Classic Hunter II "


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“The Shrew design is something I began developing years ago. I wanted a short, light, maneuverable bow that excelled as a hunting tool. Over the years I have worked with several bowyers who helped me create functional examples of my ideas. Very slightly, very slowly, the Shrew design has evolved over time. I believe the current design is the culmination of my life’s work. At this stage of the Shrew's development, I felt it was time to produce bows consistent with my exacting design. Quality, consistency of manufacturing, and the ability to shorten lead times and hit promised delivery dates is what drew me to Henry Bodnik and Bodnik Bows. We are going to put Shrew bows in the hands of more people than ever, and they are the best bows we have ever produced.”
Ron LaClair

The original Shrew was a bold innovation because at that time unlike now, no one was making a  longbow that short. The impression was that  short bows stacked and were unstable. It didn't take long for the little Shrew with it's forward design handle and deflex reflex limbs to knock that theory into a cocked hat. 

The original Shrew kind of fell by the wayside when it's longer cousin, the "Super Shrew" came out in 1995. The Super Shrew with lengths of  56" to 60" has been  highly sought after as the perfect hunting bow. In fact the demand has been so great that we have not been able to get our delivery time under one year. Even at that people are willing to wait for a Super Shrew. 

The Super Shrew with it's 16" riser dictates that we keep our bow  length  between 56" to 60".  What we have done with the "Shrew Classic II"  is shorten the riser to 12" and redesign the limb to make a shorter 54" or 56" longbow.  People who like short bows for hunting liked this shorter version of the Shrew bow.

NOW, WE'VE DONE IT AGAIN. The new improved Shrew Classic Hunter II is smoother and faster than the old Classic Hunter.

The Classic II has a more aggressive limb design but more importantly the limbs were designed on a CAD program to optimize performance while maintaining what is basically an unlimited butter smooth draw. The Classic II is built on a completely new form. This form was designed in the CAD program as well to ensure accuracy and perfectly balanced limbs, then cut out on a CNC machine. This makes sure that the form we use is perfect in every way. There are no flat spots in these limbs! They're perfect!

Like its namesake, the new Shrew Classic Hunter II is pound for pound the most efficient little killing machine around!

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ORDER SS Classic Hunter II $750.00 (Plus Shipping)


Jeff Wilcox said, "I shoot a 54" Shrew Classic Hunter and I have draw length of 30 inches and that bow is the smoothest drawing and shooting bow I have ever owned bar none! It's very accurate, extremely quite and a joy to shoot. The old rule of long long bows for big guys has been over ruled by the new Shrew rule!"

Ron - We really put the new Shrew Classic (52LB. @ 28") to the test at last weeks Traditional Archery night.

We had 7 guys shoot the bow and they all not only loved it , but they couldn't believe how well they could shoot it. Their draw lengths ranged between 26" to an honest 29.5".

Some of the comments were "it draws so smooth" , "it's so comfortable in my hand", "wow is this quiet" "I can shoot this better than my bow" and the first comment from everyone that picked it up " holy cow is this light!".

We shot for over 3hrs. and I think I only got to shoot 10 arrows with it, somebody always wanted to try it again.

Randy (Gus) Gustafson
Northwoods Wilderness Supply
Iron Mountain Michigan