After the Hunt at Shrew Haven

Nestled in a secluded valley, far off the beaten path, on the banks a of a small stream, is a little cabin called Shrew Haven.

Originally built in 1936, this rustic pine cabin was only recently moved to it's current location. The original intent was just to have a hunting camp, a place to hang your hat and bow.

But Shrew Haven has become more than that... much more.

Shrew Haven has revealed itself an enchanting environment, where the bow hunting experience is enhanced ten fold. It is a place of peace and tranquility; a place where a person can recharge their spirit, feed their soul, and share wonderful times with fellow bow hunters.

In today's modern world we have created for ourselves an unnatural environment; but God created man to be part of nature. And although we may survive in our big city's and urban neighborhoods, we need the wilderness to help keep us mentally healthy.

Shrew Haven is an Oasis, where we must return as often as we can, to drink deep of it's healing waters, and thus be sustained 'til we come to this place again.