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I've carried my little hammer pole hawk for almost 25 years. To say that it is a handy tool is an understatement.

It's been with me from Alaska to Texas and it has performed tasks too numerous to mention.

I designed this little hawk many years ago and Blacksmith Carlton Matteo made it for me.

Now I'm very pleased to be able to offer it to my customers at a very reasonable price. When you read Carlton's comments you'll realize the craftsmanship that goes into each and every Shrew Hawk.

I think everyone will agree that a hawk or hatchet is handy to have when on a hunt, trek or anytime you're in the outdoors. The problem with most hawks or hatchets is their size and weight; most are too big and too heavy so they end up getting left in the truck or at camp.That will no longer be a problem as you'll be able to carry the little Shrew Hawk (with it's 1 pound head) and hardly know you've got it. Even though the Shrew hawk is small, it can do big jobs as easily as larger hatchets. The hand-forged and tempered blade cuts like you wouldn't believe, and you'll find a hundred uses for the square hammer pole.

The eye of the Shrew hawk is tapered so that the handle drops down through the top and wedges tightly. There is no need to drive a wedge into the top of the handle as is done with hatchets and axes. This is how tomahawks have been hafted for 200 years. The handle on the Shrew hawk is close to 14" but it can be cut down to whatever length best suits your needs.

I now have belt sheaths for the Shrew Hawks. The sheaths are made from 8-9 oz Vegetable tan saddle skirting. Machine stitched and secured with brass rivets.

SHREW HAWK - $90.00 Belt Sheath - $20.00 Frontiersman Shoulder carry - $40.00 Shipping - $12.00

No extra shipping charge is required when SHEATH shipped with the Shrew Hawk.


Comments from the Blacksmith about your Shrew Hawk

Each of these axes goes through several steps in the forging process to become the “Shrew Hawk” pictured here. A slit is chisel-cut in yellow hot mild steel, and the opening is forged to form the eye using a drift that matches the handle dimensions. After cooling, the blade blank is then slit, and a flattened piece of car leaf spring or drill rod is inserted and then forge-welded to form the cutting edge. Upon close examination of many of these hawks, a thin line can be seen near the sharpened edge which marks the weld line between the body of the blade and the cutting edge. The axes are heated to their ‘critical temperature’ and annealed overnight in dry wood ashes and then ground to their final shape. The cutting edge is heated in the forge and quenched in linseed oil to harden the blade and is then tempered to a purple or pigeon blue color. This gives the edge the ability to remain sharp through continued use but flexible so as to avoid the risk of damage. The hammer poll is not hardened and will nick or mar with heavy use. The handles are hickory or ash, and in the event a replacement is necessary, they will require some adjustment in order to achieve a proper fit.

Your ‘Shrew Hawk’ will give you years of service and will in all likelihood be around long after you will be! We offer a life-time warranty on these hawks and will replace any free of charge that fail through appropriate use. These axes will come in handy for a whole range of camp chores but really shine when used to help field dress animals in the woods. In over 25 years of forging, we have never had a case of an edged tool being returned to us because of blade failure.

Years ago, Ron carried the prototype of the “Shrew Hawk” until losing it while out hunting one day. Its replacement has been his constant hunting companion for over two decades.

Carlton Matteo



Hi Ron,


I have had my Shrew Hawk now for 2 years, and it is absolutely fantastic.  I showed a friend of mine, Bart Lancaster, who is one of the top outfitters in North America, and he liked it so much he ordered four.  Last year I cut up an entire moose with it and chopped through the spine with no problem.  I split the bull into four pieces using only the hawk.  Being a taxidermist by trade I know good steel when I see it.  After 2 years of using it I have not had to sharpen it once.  Fantastic steel.  Please let your blacksmith know I appreciate so much the product he is building.  I just helicoptered into some of the most remote wilderness in North America spending a week there, and my Shrew was with me. I realize that your blacksmith is getting older, and one day I will not be able to get another, so I want to order 2 more. One is for my son who one day will grow into it, and the other one is for a dear friend who was with me on the trip in the mountains by chopper. He told me if I ordered again to please order him one, so I will get it for him as a gift. I will order both hawks with a belt sheath. Also feel free to use this letter to promote the hawk.  I feel when I find a good product I like to share it with everyone. It is very rare that this happens now in our disposable world. This product is worth every penny and alot more. Once again thank you for providing a quality product.


Best regards,


Roger Britton

Majestic Mounts

Telkwa B.C., Canada