The ShrewHill, an American Longbow

 Introducing our American longbow named after a special place near my  ShrewHaven hunting camp in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that I call Shrew hill. It overlooks the Brule River which is the Michigan / Wisconsin border. I have spent many hours there dreaming and imagining the dugouts and birch bark canoes that have floated down that stretch or river many years ago when it was truly a wilderness.

The ShrewHill longbow is styled after a bow that was made by my good friend John Lee. John gave me the bow he named "Blue Duck" and he said it was exactly the style that Howard Hill liked and made for himself. John can say this because he was a friend of Howards and made the last three bows that Howard used before his death in 1975.

With Blue Duck as a model and John Lee as an on call consultant, bowyer Chuck Deshler has fashioned our version of the "Hill style"  American longbow. It has a narrow limb and deep narrow wedge type grip. Lengths are 66",68" and 70" to accommodate various draw lengths. Limb cores will be bamboo with glass colors of white, brown and black.

Base Price........$675.00


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