Sitka Supreme
Sitka Spruce makes a great arrow. Tough and straight, it flys as good as any wood arrow I have tried.
I used Sitka arrows to take my turkey this past spring and even with the big 2" wide Tree Shark
broadheads, they were right on the money at the moment of truth.
Just recently I placed 2nd in the Silver Arrow shoot at the Great Lakes Longbow Invitational using my
Sitka Supreme arrows. Someone commented to me after the shoot that my arrows were really flying good.
Crafted by arrowsmith Paul Jalon, the Sitka Supreme arrows are a good choice either for hunting or on the 3-D range.

$90.00 Per Dozen - Order

Sitka Supreme
The woods are quiet when the sun goes down
The rustling of leaves is the only sound

A buck appears as if from a dream
you're ready for him with a Sitka Supreme

Ramrod straight and tough as nails
A darn good arrow for hunting Whitetails

When the moment of truth rolls around
your Sitka Supremes won't let you down