The Trappers Companion is a Special Edition offering for those that want a useful tool with an artistic touch. Blacksmith Carlton Matteo has outdone himself on this item.

The fancy filework on the head of the Trappers Companion hawk makes it pleasing to the eye while still in keeping with it's rugged usefulness. The carved Icons of The Cross Of Lorraine, and the HBC Beaver are symbols used during the Fur Trade  era.

This is a Hawk that you will find a hundred uses for in camp or in the woods. The cutting edge is tempered to take and hold an extreamly sharp edge and the hammer pole is a feature that you won't know how you ever got along without before.  An item that any old Mountainman/ trapper would have been proud to carry.

If Ole Jim Bridger was alive today I'm sure he'd have this to say when he saw this hawk,

Trappers Companion 2

The Special Edition hawk is slightly larger than the standard Shrew Hawk, both in head size and handle diameter.
The cutting edge is a full 3" wide and the head is 5 3/4" from the top of the hammer pole to the edge of the blade.
Total length is just over 16", total weight is 1 1/2 pounds

The Frontiersman sheath that is available for the Hawk is made by Art Vincent. Art is a talented leather craftsman and I was very pleased when he agreed to make the carrying sheaths for this hawk. This is an item that I am sure will be passed down from generation to generation..

Price for the Hawk  - Pyro Carved handle ...$170.00
Price for the Hawk  - Finished but not carved handle... $130.00
plus $15.00 shipping
Belt Sheath Add $20.00 ---- Frontiersman Shoulder Carry Add $40.00
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